Will you be a successful sparrow?

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Hi! Welcome to my quiz! Have you ever wondered what will your life be like if you were a sparrow? A sparrow is a little brown bird that is very common in China. So...Prepare to find out! PS I made the quiz in the order of time. This quiz will begin in winter, and you will go in a cycle of the four seasons.

Usually, a sparrow lives in urban and rural areas, but you can find them in the wild, too. It is omnivory, which means it eats a lot of kinds of food. A sparrow is very alert, and life as a sparrow is not very easy. Go on and find out about your sparrow life!

Created by: StarCapturer
  1. Winter is coming, and you haven't build a nest yet. You flew around the city and found several places to build your nest. You choose____
  2. It is winter now. You are an adult and you are hungry. There are several options of what you eat. You choose____
  3. It was becoming colder and colder. One day you saw a crowd of other sparrows flying. You____
  4. You lived through the winter and the warm spring came. You decided to move to the rural areas. You have to decide where are you going to make a new nest. You choose____
  5. Summer is coming. You will eat____
  6. In late summer, you found a mate and your mate/you were expecting eggs. You decided to make your current nest more comfortable. You choose____(material) to do that.
  7. You/your mate laid 5 eggs and 14 days later they hatched into 5 nestlings. You should feed them with____
  8. Autumn came and your nestlings had grown a lot. One day you flew back to your nest and discovered that a crow was perching on your tree, eyeing your nest, you____
  9. When a sparrow walks, it hops.True or False?
  10. At last, describe a sparrow's call.

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Quiz topic: Will I be a successful sparrow?