Which Bird Are You Most Like?

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Have you ever wondered what wild song bird you would be the most like and What would you have in common? Well, now you can find out by taking this quiz!

Go ahead and try this quiz out! You'll not only find out which song bird you're most like, but you may learn something new about yourself! After all, they do say that you learn something new every day!

Created by: sierra
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  1. Do you like sunflower seeds?
  2. Do you like to take baths or showers?
  3. Do you like fruit?
  4. What fruit do you like if any?
  5. What's your favorite bright color?
  6. What's your favorite (if any) dull color?
  7. Do you like to sing?
  8. Would you like to live in a nice big fancy house with a pond or lake view?
  9. Do you like sweet sugar water or nectar from flowers?
  10. Do you like peanuts?
  11. Are you a person who enjoys the company of others or a loner?
  12. Would you (truthfully) consider yourself a brave and wise person?
  13. (2nd to last question) Which bird do you think you'll be?
  14. Do your friends or family consider you a fast runner(or flyer)?

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