Are You Stressed?

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What is stress? And why do people get so irritated when they are stressed? Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of demand. When people are stressed something is going on with them and their bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. Which often isn't always a good thing.

Do you feel like you could be stressing out? Have you been feeling any nervousness and worrying not to mention headaches and pain? This quiz is pretty accurate so might as well take it and see!

Created by: lilfreakgryl

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  1. Do you get headaches?
  2. Does your mind race a lot?
  3. Do you get anxious?
  4. Are you easily irritated?
  5. Have you been having any negative thoughts lately?
  6. Have you been having any anger issues lately?
  7. Have you been having any sleep issues in the past days or weeks?
  8. Have you been experiencing any of the following: nail biting, pacing, or teeth grinding?
  9. Have you been having any skin problems? (Breakouts,rashes,hives, e.t.c)
  10. Have you been having any muscle tension or pain?

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