This quiz is to see if you are stressed to much, or are lucky to not be. I mean, if your to stressed, wouldn't you like to know. It might be useful to know.

Comment down below what you got. I hope this worked out for you. This is suppoed to help you and others. Please let me know what you got, im curious .

Created by: William

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are there bullies at your school/workplace?
  2. Are you overwhelmed with work?
  3. Do you have friends you would stand up for and vise versa?
  4. Do you argue with peers/coworkers?
  5. Does you boss/teachers like you?
  6. Do you ever have the feeling you've forgot something half way to where you are going?
  7. Do you get carsick/motion sick easily?
  8. Do you ever get headaches at work/school?
  9. Have you ever gotten beaten up?
  10. Do you flinch easily?
  11. Do you get teased?

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