Stress Test (How stressed are you?)

There are a lot of stressors in this world that can cause one to feel down, as of they're not good enough in the world. Are you one of those stressed out people?

In 23 questions, you'll be able to find out if you're too stressed, perfectly stressed, or not stressed enough. This quiz will give you insight on what your stress level is.

Created by: Likeaboss
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  1. Has a family member in your household died recently?
  2. Has a pet in your house died recently?
  3. Are you have trouble at work/school with coworkers/classmates?
  4. Do you often get overwhelmed with responsibilities?
  5. Are you upset easily?
  6. Have you gotten sick recently?
  7. Do you tend to procrastinate ?
  8. Do you get 8+ hours of sleep a night?
  9. Do you have free time often?
  10. Do you constantly freak out over future tasks?
  11. Do you take most things seriously?
  12. Have you taken up a bad habit recently? (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc)
  13. Do you often fight with your family/friends?
  14. Are you often feeling like you can't complete all of the tasks at hand?
  15. Do you worry about most things in life, and whether they're done perfectly or not?
  16. Do you take school/work projects really seriously?
  17. Do you have an escape? (music, TV, etc)
  18. Do you want happiness or perfection out of yourself?
  19. Do the opinions of others matter to you?
  20. Do you tend to hold in a lot of emotions?
  21. Do you personally feel stressed?

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Quiz topic: Stress Test (How stressed am I?)