Test your AVON knowledge.

This is to see how much you know about AVON...Well, not really-it's only 10 questions long. So don't feel bad if you don't do too good! I was just having fun making up the quiz!

If you get all of these right, you need to get a life!! HA HA Just kidding! Just answer these 10 easy questions and see if you should be named AVON guru!!

Created by: kim
  1. How many campaigns are there in a year?
  2. How much does Erep cost?
  3. What credit cards can customers pay with?
  4. Do you get charged for placing more than one order in a 2 week period?
  5. What was on page 79 in campaign 2 of this year?
  6. Which of these is NOT an AVON product?
  7. How much is the 4.2oz Moisture Therapy lotion? (orig price)
  8. What was on the back cover of the Mark Magalog 12? (C26-C1)
  9. How much does it cost to join AVON?
  10. How many fl. oz. is the bonus size Moisture Therapy lotion?

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Quiz topic: Test my AVON knowledge.