The love of a shadow part three

Part three of love for a shadow In this chapter After an incident John takes y/m to the garden for a picnic but when he has to leave he lets her explore the grounds but warns her not to leave or she could be taken by another king What happens when there is a distressed cry from the forest

Y/nn your nickname F/f favourite food F/d favourite drink Y/n your name H/c hair colour E/c eye colour I think that's everything eh I did manage to right it in a text you could know whta IT means

Created by: Puppet master12

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  1. Y/n began to wake but she felt her arms and legs were restrained she heared the sound of pages moving so she guessed John was next to her probaly reading
  2. Y/n looked at her self as much as she could her h/c hair had been grown in length to her back and had been styled into a wavy style with a plait going through the middle On her head was a golden crown thing She was in a dark blue silk dress from what she could see at the top " finally awake y/nn " John asked her Scared she decided to remain quite which seemed fine with John " are you hungrey my sweet y/n" John asked her calmly Y/n stayed quite out of fear but this time she had made John a grey she knew the minute her restraints grew tighter that he was angry " now , I asked you a question and I excepect an answer " he said grabbing her chin Pulling her up towards him John expected to see defiance in her eyes he was suprised to see fear but he could use that a lot better he smirked leaning forward and planting a kiss on her cheek
  3. " answer my question , y/nn " John said sternly but calmly and gently Y/n answered with a nod of her head the tentacles realesed her in to johns arms " good your learning " he praised softly stroking her hair
  4. After placing y/n down gently John quickly left the room going down to the dinning room to get y/n something to eat When he was gone y/n began to cry softly she never wanted this
  5. About five minutes later when John returned with f/f and f/d for y/n he heard her soft crying he gracefully walked over to the plat form and placed the food down on the table He put his arms around her stroking her back soothingly " don't cry my princess " he told her soothingly " you'll be fine I won't hurt you " he told her her crying became quiter " why me why " she whispered to her self With his vampire hearing he could hear her clearly " Because your an amazing special beautiful girl " he whispered in her ear " so im doomed to be your slave becuase im amazing special and beautiful "'she said voice hitching John stopped what he was doing before he got i to the bed beside her and pulled her to face him he put his arms around her "'Your not my slave " John whispered
  6. Then why can't I leave freely " y/n said " Because you'll leave and the others will take advantage of that " he said to her " no matter where you hide they will find you " John said stroking her face " why does it have to be this way " John whispered "'Because it is sadly " y/n told him
  7. John smiled at y/n come on my sweet treasure " he said picking her up bridal style And having a mer maid take the food to he garden
  8. John sat y/n down at a table in the garden placing a picnic in front of them Y/n began to eat When she was finsihed John had to go oversee something in the nearby lake a mer woman was giving birth and as her king he had to go He told y/n she could walk around the gardens but nto to leave the grounds as she'd be in the mercy of another king and he warned her escpecilly not to go into the forest their she'd be at the mercy of keiren He bed her good bye and she went to the left corner of the garden where the woods were She sat on a bench looking at the beautiful gardens She then heared a distressed cry from the forest and she saw an owl injured and on the ground she knew she would regret this but what she knew was the owl would die u less she helped it She ran through the gate and to the owl
  9. She whispered soothing words to the owl wo looked up at her she put out her hand and it flapped its wings telling her to proceed She picked it up and cradled it i ot her arms looking for something to heal its wings when she saw the rapunzelia flower a rare golden flower which was used for healing she brought the owl over to the flower and it began to heal when it was done she went to place it back in the nest but it wouldn't move from her shoulder Behind her a noise came " who is it who dares disrupt a creature and step into my realm uninvited " she recognised the voice she slowly turned around To see kiren then she remebered he was a were wolf or some other were creature " y/n? Oh this day just keeps getting better and better " he said beofre he pounced on her and knocked her out
  10. Kiren carried the sleeping girls form bridal style the owl followed him " so she earned the favour of a were owl intresting ok you can stay with her keep her in my kingdom though or else you'll lose her " the wolf king warned

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