How well do you know the shadow king

Not many out there really know the shadow king very well, are you one of the ones who know him? Take this quiz to find out. Hopefully you do good on this quiz. Shadows guide you.

Do you know the shadow king at a great amount to where he would Knight you just for getting high enough. Take the quiz to see if you know him well....

Created by: cody17
  1. Who is the shadow king?
  2. What gender is the king?
  3. What force does he control?
  4. Which is be likely to say?
  5. He usually summons what?
  6. Is he good OR evil?
  7. He's the king of ___
  8. Weapon?
  9. He's surrounded by soldiers what does he do?
  10. Shadows guide you, my brother/sister.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the shadow king