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There are many pilots, but not all are of them are King Schools trained pilots! King Schools pilots have the benefit of humor and mnemonics to help them maintain their pilot genius status!

Are you a King Schools "Ace" aviator? Do you have what it takes to past muster? Take our fun quiz and find out if you are have what it takes to be a King Schools "Ace" Pilot!

Created by: polson of King Schools
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  1. John and Martha often advise pilots to, "Please, stay out of the..
  2. When taxing at an airport, black square means you're...
  3. In weight and balance calculations, arm is
  4. Prior to entering class D airspace, you must
  5. John and Martha appeared in the following video game
  6. King Schools offers a free eBook on learning to fly - the title is
  7. When hand propping an aircraft engine, you want the following person at the controls
  8. One purpose of the dual ignition on an aircraft engine is to provide for
  9. What should be the first action after starting an aircraft engine?
  10. To minimize the side loads placed on the landing gear during touchdown, the pilot should keep the
  11. Low level turbulence and icing can become hazardous in which type of fog?

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