How Well Do You Know Twenty One Pilots?

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In your lifetime, you've probably heard (or heard of) Twenty One Pilots. Now, if you're an obsessed fan (like me) you can test your knowledge with this quiz I've created!

Given, it's not the best quiz, but it's my best quiz (I am not actually a great quizmaker). So, if you decide to take it- 1. thank you! and 2. best of luck!!

Created by: Twenty One
  1. Part 1: Match the lyrics to a song: When the leader of the bad guys sang // Something soft and soaked in pain // I heard the echo from his secret hideaway //// He must've forgot to close his door // As he cranked out those dismal chords // And his 4 walls declared him insane
  2. I don't know why they always seem so dismal // Thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a slight drizzle
  3. Life is up here but you comment below // And the comments will always become common motivation // To promote your show's next episode
  4. Taking my on- // -ly friend I know // He leaves a lot // His name is Hope
  5. My name's Blurryface // And I care what you think
  6. Don't be afraid // We're going home
  7. Find your grandparents or someone of age // Pay some respects for the path that they've paved // To life they were dedicated // Now that should be celebrated
  8. I start to part 2 halves of my heart in the dark and I // Don't know where I should go and the tears and fears begin to multiply
  9. Time gains momentum in the moment that I'm livin' in 'em
  10. You see rain
  11. Part 2: General facts: Who are the members of Twenty One Pilots?
  12. Who were the past members of Twenty One Pilots?
  13. T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D
  14. How many albums does Twenty One Pilots have as of 5 March 2019?
  15. What was their first album?
  16. Why has their logo gained more lines as of Trench?
  17. What is the colour of Trench?
  18. How long has the band been around?
  19. Which album has the band lost rights to?
  20. Which album (out of the given choices) has 12 songs?
  21. Part 3: Match to song to an album: Screen
  22. Implicit Demand For Proof
  23. The Judge
  24. Bandito
  25. Forest
  26. Trapdoor
  27. Hometown
  28. Slowtown
  29. Truce
  30. Chlorine

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