Which of These Twenty One Pilots Songs Describes You?

This is my first quiz ever, so it's fairly short, but I hope you enjoy! I only included a few songs. Hopefully it says something correct about your personality.

I have songs from almost every album on here (even Trench :)) Hope you enjoy!! (I need to have at least 150 characters to publish this so.....there we go)

Created by: Noname

  1. Someone you barely know is crying in your class. What do you do?
  2. You are assigned a group project. You:
  3. Your favorite color (out of these) is:
  4. Are you emo?
  5. I hate it when...
  6. Favorite lyrics out of these?
  7. How are the songs on the radio?
  8. Are you a perfectionist?
  9. Favorite Twenty One Pilots album?
  10. Tyler or Josh?

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Quiz topic: Which of These Twenty One Pilots Songs describes me?