How Well Do You Know twenty one pilots?

Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun are from the band twenty one pilots, they are from Columbus Ohio.. Yeah,Yeah. You're probably thinking: "I already know this stuff, so I'm a twenty one pilots expert," right?

Are you a true twenty one pilots fan, though? Do you know lots of facts about them that most people don't? This quiz will put your twenty one pilots knowledge to the test!

Created by: lia456123
  1. When did twenty one pilots form?
  2. Where was the Stressed Out music video filmed?
  3. Who is the tallest Joseph sibling? (sorry this is random haha)
  4. What is Jenna's maiden name?
  5. what is the name of their first album?
  6. Where are the boys from?
  7. Who is obsessed with drinking Red Bulls?
  8. Who won the twenty one pilots debate?
  9. Where is Josh's "x" tattoo?
  10. Where is Tyler's "x" tattoo?
  11. How many siblings does Josh have?
  12. What song is this lyric from: You're an angel
  13. What ALBUM is this lyric from: Nowhere were they holy
  14. What song is this lyric from: What's the worst I can say?
  15. What's Tyler's middle name?
  16. What's Josh's middle name?
  17. Where did Tyler propose to Jenna?
  18. How tall is Tyler?
  19. When did Josh join Twitter?
  20. Is twenty one pilots the best band EVER?! (:

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know twenty one pilots?