How Well Do You Know Twenty Øne Piløts?

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There are many fans who love Twenty One Pilots, but few are true, committing fans. Being a hardcore fan is harder than you think. But, it's all worth it, when you are standing in the pit singing their songs. How would it feel to be a true fan. Well you're about to find out.

Are YOU a true fan, or are you a fake fan? Do you have the time to commit to the music, and the time to take that title? A true fan? Well, do you want to find out!?

Created by: Caroline

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  1. Who is Josh Dun's last Girlfriend?
  2. Which Restaurant?
  3. When did Tyler marry Jenna Black?
  4. When did Josh join the band?
  5. Is Josh and Tyler big time gamers?
  6. If they are gaming, what do they play?
  7. Are Twenty One Pilots Christians or Catholics
  8. Does Tyler have a Baby?
  9. How many members are in the band?
  10. How many pilots are there
  11. Who is there record label? Hint: Who are they fueled by?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twenty Øne Piløts?