Which twenty one pilots Member Are You?

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Hey you guys Have you ever wondered who you are? No I don't mean existential crisises I mean band members! Specifically twenty one pilots cuz that's the theme of this whole quiz.

If you're searching for a purpose, write something worthless or paint something wordless. If you wanna know if you might secretly be Josh or Tyler then take this quiz.. duh.. what else would you do??

Created by: XxAnalisaxX
  1. Which would you rather play? Drums or piano?
  2. What's your favorite quote?
  3. Would you rather have hydrogen peroxide or Wet Wipes?
  4. Do you like bananas?
  5. What's a blurryface?
  6. Is it possible?
  7. Josh isn't real
  8. What is Josh's favorite movie?
  9. What's in the water?
  10. Who is your spirit animal?

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Quiz topic: Which twenty one pilots Member am I?