How Well Do You Know Twenty One Pilots? HARDEST QUIZ

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This quiz will test your knowledge of the boys. Are you the ultimate fan? Can you answer all these questions? How well do you know the smol beans? .

I doubt we will know everything about Tyler and Josh. But hey, we got really close. Test yourself. 30 questions about twenty one pilots. See if you can answer all.

Created by: Kayla
  1. I'll start of easy. How many people are in twenty one pilots?
  2. What is the lead singers name?
  3. What's the drummers name?
  4. What's Tyler's favorite movie?
  5. Who was in the band with Tyler before Josh?
  6. What is Tyler's favorite song off of Blurryface to perform?
  7. What's Tyler's wife's name?
  8. What's the name given to tí¸p fans?
  9. Finish the lyrics: "Your _______ died when you were ____ / They said he had ____ his ____ /"
  10. When did Josh join the band?
  11. What is Tyler's favorite song to listen to off of Blurryface?
  12. "Use yer _____"
  13. How many songs are there on Blurryface?
  14. What was their first album?
  15. "Stay _____, Stay _____."
  16. What is Josh's favorite movie?
  17. Who gets kicked out of the band most often?
  18. What's Josh's favorite animal?
  19. Rays of ___shine
  20. As of January 20, 2017, what is Josh's hair color?
  21. Who are the guys on the cover of vessel?
  22. Which one plays the guitar?
  23. Where was the music video for "House of Gold" recorded?
  24. Both Tyler and Josh got an X tattooed on them. Where is it?
  25. When was the music video for "Heavydirtysoul" released?
  26. Sick as
  27. What does Tyler's tattoo's mean?
  28. When was Tyler born?
  29. When was Josh born?
  30. During the Vessel era, why did the boys wear ski masks?

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