Are you a REAL glider pilot?

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There are glider pilots and then there are REAL glider pilots, but what kind of pilot are you? Find out using this scientifically proven aptitude test...

Are you an accident waiting to happen or a gliding god? Would you rather be flying in a competition or the back seat of a K21? Do you east sleep and breathe gliding (but seldom wash)? Find out here!

Created by: Chris Davison of Span Is For Wimps
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  1. You are climbing on a winch launch at about 500 feet when the cable breaks, what is your first action?
  2. When flying solo in a single seat glider, at what distance from your home airfield do you start to feel uncomfortable?
  3. You are in the bar having completed a small cross country task. SeeYou suggests you best climb was 250 feet per minute. What was your best climb rate?
  4. At the end of the season your log book shows a ten percent increase in the flying you did year on year, how do you feel?
  5. What is the correct number of cameras to have attached to your glider on any flight?
  6. How many field landings have you made in the last twelve months?
  7. What is the primary benefit of Flarm collision avoidance technology?
  8. What condition is your trailer in?
  9. Your are flying at a ridge site with an 800 feet hill that has a 15 knot wind blowing on it, approximately what height will you be?
  10. On looking out of the cockpit you see another glider flying directly towards you, what is the correct course of action?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL glider pilot?