Can You Defy Gravity?

Did you know 6 out of every 10 people in alaska have there pilots license? Did you know a pilot has to have enough courage to be responsible for many lives or valuable items. Pilots are vital in keeping the number one transportation flowing. Aviation is a vast expanding field of opportunity and maybe you might be part of it.

So you think you can handle the risks, the responsibility, and the knowledge of being a pilot? Take my quiz and maybe you might stand a fighting chance to fly next to me someday.

Created by: amazon
  1. What principle explains how an airplane flies?
  2. Who was the first to discover the possibility of flight?
  3. What's another name for a wing?
  4. What are the four forces for flying?
  5. How does a plane stall(fall uncontrollably)?
  6. How does a plane spin?
  7. Which plane is fastest?
  8. Which fighter plane is replacing the airforce's F-22?
  9. Does frost on an airplane's wings affect flight?
  10. What's a Bi-plane?
  11. What is my major in college?

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Quiz topic: Can I Defy Gravity?