Do u own/pown on the daily

There are many idiots in the world but you are just the opposite. You defy gravity, i like to say. You like to own or pown people who you think are crazy or just plain stupid. Take their lunch money, like taking candy from a baby. You like to curse out teachers because no one takes a stand to them. You defy gravity, ny friend. There are only a few of us out there, so we must keep the idiots in order

Are you a true owner/powner? Do you have the balls to qualify for this awesome title? Were you born to be a owner/powner or were you born to be owned/powned by one. Stop reading and take this quiz. Will you become one of the few owners or powners in this world, this quiz will do the deciding for you because it is that frickin pimp.

Created by: motha f. ucker

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you placed a bet, didn't win but got the mula?
  2. How many girlfriends have you had at the same time
  3. Have you guessed your way through a test and scored higher than a 85
  4. When you approach a group of girls do they walk away or you get all 10 digits
  5. If you trash talk, can you back it up
  6. Do you violently beat up people with a stapler Caution if you know a CADE run away
  7. Have you stolen anything from someone
  8. Do you like saying OWNAGE! or POWNAGE!
  9. Have you enjoyed this quiz
  10. Last question, how would you rate your life

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