Shadow Fight 2 Trivia

A lot of people say that they know everything about Shadow Fight, but there's a lot more to it than people know. Test YOUR Knowledge of Shadow Fight 2 with this quiz.

But ARE you a Master Warrior? Can YOU qualify to being one of the Master Warriors? You don't know? Well, find out with this quiz, THE ULTIMO SF2 QUIZ!

Created by: Manya319
  1. The creator of all demons in SF2 is..
  2. Shogun thinks Shadow is a...
  3. Which bodyguard of Hermit betrayed him?
  4. Lynx belongs to this organisation-
  5. Butcher killed this bodyguard's parents-
  6. Widow' s bodyguards are named after..
  7. Sensei thinks this Demon is the worst-
  8. Sly gives you a seal upon defeat of this demon-
  9. May has what relationship with Sly at first meet?
  10. What was Shadow as a human?

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