How we'll do you know Shadow the hegdehog

Shadow the hedgehog, never heard of him at the end of this quiz you will know where to find him. Hint the word Maria is important in this quiz. Play it! Play it! Play it!

Find shadow in these three main games, shadow the hedgehog warning NOT For little kids or kids, sonic adventure 2 good for kids and people of all ages, and sonic 06 warning not inappropriate but people don't like it because it has glitches and people in it. I think it's pretty good.

Created by: Annabelle Arnold

  1. Where was Shadow born
  2. Who was Shadows best and only friend
  3. How many chaos emeralds dose Shadow need in order to use Chaos Control
  4. What did Shadow promise Maria in the begging of Sonic Aventures 2?
  5. What did Shadow promise Maria in the end
  6. How Dumb are you
  7. Did you lie on that last one?
  8. Back to Shadow! What keeps shadow full of energy
  9. What dose Shadow call sonic
  10. If shadow was granted one wish what would it most likely be.

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Quiz topic: How we'll do I know Shadow the hegdehog