What does Shadow the hedgehog think of you? (girls only)

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This is my first test, hope you guys enjoy it. You would like to know what does Shadow will think about you? Discover this in this quiz. Actully, why are you even reading this? Do the quiz!!!

Go to find out if Shadow likes you or not. I bet he might not usually smile, but you'll figure out if he'd like to smile to you or not! I hope you like this quiz!

Created by: Sara BOOM
  1. You are walking in the street, when you see a black and red hedgehog near a videogame store, what would you do?
  2. You go to the videogame store, you discover Shadow's videogame is free, what would you do?
  3. Shadow asks you if you want to ride in his AWESOME motorcycle, you say:
  4. If you find Shadow crying, what would you say?
  5. Shadow tells you everything about Maria Robotnik, what is your reaction?
  6. Shadow asks you for a date, you.....
  7. Shadow takes you to a fancy restaurant, you both are having a great time, then you both stare at each other, you....
  8. After the date, you want Shadow to go to your house for a few days. At your home, Shadow sits on the couch and watches TV, you....
  9. You sit on the couch with Shadow. Then, shadow wraps his arm around you!
  10. Shadow stares at your eyes and... he kisses you, so you.....
  11. You and Shadow are watching a movie in your house late at night, then, Shadow gets tired, you....
  12. What do you think about Maria Robotnik?

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