your date with shadow the hedgehog

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the's quiz will help you find out if shadow the hedgehog loves you or not, the's is one quiz a story so i hope you have fun and get the answer you want!

the's quiz will test if shadow the hedgehog loves you or not cuz if your evil he will find you and shoot you but if your nice he may be your friend or girl friend are you anxious yet well are you-are you huh huh huh well what are you waiting for why are you sill reading the's huh just start taking the quiz alredy!!!

Created by: violet679

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  1. okay the's will be a one quiz story line now. your walking down the side walk from a hard day of work you don't have a car and your home is 3 miles away and its 9:27pm you see a hotel you walk in and you try to book a room but all the room's are full but you could get a room with a room'ate you say"yes"and you get into the room and you see shadow just sitting on one of the two beds watching tv you say hi he looks at you and and says "what are you doing here?" you say "i-i'm your new roommate" shadow says "oh god i knew i should'a went and book't in to that inn"(what do you say?)
  2. you unpacking and your so tired your onley half way thru and shadow says "humph do you need my help?"
  3. its 10:29 your done unpacking and now your watching the t'v show cops and you yawn "im tired ima go to bed" you lie down and goto sleep sense shadow dozen't sleep he stays up and lies in bed awake an thinks. and he cant stop thinking about you 'why im i thinking about her so much.' "ugh" he says 'i need to go for a walk' he gets up and walks for 2 miles and stops and comes back to the hotel.
  4. its 8:07 your awake and on your laptop your looking at cute cat videos and shadow walks in you say "oh i shadow were were you? did you go for a walk?" shadow says "yes" he sets down on the bed and watches tv and he mudders somting "wo--d you -- on - d--e wit- m-?" "what?"you say he turns off the tv and walks up to you "would you go on a date with me?" he blushes a little "okay" you blush too
  5. were are you gonna go to for your date?
  6. were ever you chose to go you both had fun (unless you chose the zoo) its 7:38pm and you and shadz are walking to the hotel and you stop and say "wait i have my own home" "well why did you stay it the hotel?" he says you say"well i had a hard day at work,it was getting late,my home what 3 miles away and then well i saw the hotel. so you wanna come to my house?" shadz says "hummm... fine do you have a car" "yep" you say, you and hem walk to the car get in you get to your home and you get out and walk in shadow says"nice home"
  7. "you wanna watch tv?" you say "shure why not" he says you two set down and watch a drama movie and all of a sudden shadow wraps hes arm around you!
  8. your still watching that movie and you have tears in your eyes (cuz its a sad movie) and then shadow looks at you and says "its ok" he wipes your tears away and stairs into your eyes and kisses you!
  9. it was 32 min aftur the kiss your watching cops and you say "im sleepy" "well then i should go now" "no" you say and grab hes wrist "you can stay i have a king size bed in my room" you say "humph fine lets go" he says you two go into your room you both get in the bed its 9:37pm and you go to sleep and shadow two now its 12:27am you hear crying you turn over and you see shadow crying and you say...
  10. (now lets just pretend you click'et whats wrong shadow/are you okay) "maria... its maria... dang it every time i go to sleep i dream of her death!!!" he still hazz tears in hes eyes "its ok shadow (you give hem a long hug)i- im here for you, i understand how you feel (you say and do what)

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Quiz topic: My date with shadow the hedgehog