Love of a shadow part one

This is for girls only sorry boys Plot: Y/n is a 15 year old girl at mytholgy high When the story starts it is the day they find out who the new kings are and who the Kings cnsort ( for one of them ) is but if anything the girl is the Kings prey and she has no choice in the matter When y/n is reached as the one this is what happens

Y/n equals your name H/l equals hair length H/c equals hair colour E/c equals eye colour E/s equals eye shape Y/nn equals your nickname I think that's everything

Created by: Puppet master12
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  1. It was the 31st of October and the young Y/n was walking down the corridors of her school she was hoping that she woukdnt be targeted today on the day of the royals the day , where everyone finally found out who their rulers would be , she knew it was a slim chance she would be targeted , but even then she had to hope ot wasn't her Then out of the art class room came her best friend Seth she smiled at him and waved but he just nodded and walked away from her He was followed by the three other boys John , Kieran and Jordan Keiren smirked at her and looked her up and down longer than she liked Jordan seemingly studied her gave her both a smirk and a concerned look . John looked at her she saw a small smirk on his features before he walked in the direction of the others She was then worried
  2. Y/n was really confused and slightly scared She played with her h/l h/c hair beofre she walked to the library the only place she had peace When she walked in the librarian smiled at her and gave her f/b food as she knew that y/n never brought or ate breakfast the young girl thanked her before going to a table to eat and read After she had finished the breakfast she washed it down with a cup of water that the library supplied from the water system Her e/c eyes twinkled as she read Alices adventures in wonderland " Good choice on book I've read that one over a thousand times " a voice said suddenly and the girl jumped In front of her Was John John Had short light brown hair his eyes were a light blue and his skin was very pale He wore a white shirt a dark blue blazer and black trousers on his feet were black trainers their was a smirk on his face " Y-yeah it is a good book a great one in fact ecspecilay after being thought up by a child " she said nervously " indeed " he nodded " I wasn't aware the library and teh book " he said sitting across from her " they didn't i brought it in along with the other ones " she said " Hmm which of the series are your favourite " he asked her leaning on his arm facing her " the first two , Alices adventure in wonderland and through the looking class " she said nervously she knew this was some prank the only student that talked or did talk to her was Seth who didn't want something The others if they needed her to do their homework or prank her or use her for their own selfish needs, but John could do his own homework and he was one of the most important and popular boys in the school The others were Seth,keiren and Jordan He looked at her " which of the poems in the books are your favourite " he aksed her " well I really like the jabber wock poem " she said putting the book mark in her book putting it in her bag in case the prank would cover her in paint " Hmm good choice you are the first girl I've ever met whose beauty is rivaled only by her intelligence " he said getting up " farewell " he said leaving both the library and y/n with a blush She got up and headed to her registration class
  3. Y/n sat in her registration class twenty minutes beofre the bell no one sat beside her lately Seth had requested a move She put her head in her arms so she could think about johns actions but she was interrupted by the opening of the door The 15 year old looked up to see keiren one of her main tormentors walking in Instead of insutlting her and going to the front he sat beside her Keiren Had dirty blonde hair Green-blue eyes He was a normal peach colour He wore a light blue tee shirt with a black wolf howling at the moon and jeans he wore grey and dark blue trainers He smirked in her direction and titled his head in both directions " what are you doing " y/n asked annoyed " just seeing which angle you look most beautiful in " he replied " did you find an answer " she said irritated he was going to say none cause your ugly any way you look at it . " yes , all of them " he said the girl sat up in shock when he leaned closer she expected to be pushed of her chair What she didn't excpect was for him to kiss her cheek " what the hell are you doing " she cried jumping up " kissing you , babe " he said arrogantly " yes I see that but why I get you don't like me but that's just to far " y/n said obviously distressed " well maybe becuase the prettiest and non slutty girl who fits the most of my category's was sitting right there unprotected " he said beofre getting up and going to the front it was now Five minutes before register when everyone started filling in John looked at her a small smile on his face Seth ignored her Jordan waved and keiren blew a kiss at her The other girls Glared at her while the other boys luaghed at her
  4. After registration y/n went to her first and most hated class Home ec she was doing sewing but becuase today was a special day they were to watch a movie and could talk to a parie er they could chose Seth wasn't in the class so she couldn't choose him and he probaly would go with someone else any way She thought it would be just her and her mind so she could think about John and keiren but someone sat down next to her that someone was Jordan He smiled at her as the movie started it was a choice nightmare before Christmas , the corpse bride or a lame disney movie The disney movie was the schools and the other two were hers No one else ever brought a movie it was a vote Five for nightmare before christmas She thought she wouldn't watch the one she wanted corpse bride but when her hand went up so did Jordan's and taht was followed by the ones who didn't vote Y/n turned to him and said " Thank you " He smiled at her " no problem y/nn " he smirked at the last part when he used her old nickname Seth must have told him about it and what it was Half way through the start he turned around to her " what's your favourite songs in this movie " he asked her " remains of the day and tears to shed why?" " could you sing them for me when they come on " he asked " what why would I do that " she asked alarmed " becuase I asked you politely " he said " and got everyone to vote for that movie you wanted " he added " ugh fine " you said he smiled triumphantly The first song to come on was remains of the day You sang it quietly " give me a listen your corpses of cheer Least those of you whose still got an ear I'll tell you astory make a skeleton cry of our own jublicoucly lovely corpse bride " she only sang the first part and he smiled " can you sing the full one of the next song he asked her " I'll sing the full part of emily but that's it " she bargained , deal " He chatted with her until the song came on " if I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain if he cut me with a knife its still the same Yes I know her heart is beating and I know that I am dead but the pain here that I feel try and tell me it's not real it seems that is till ahe a tear to shed " During the small wait she looked at Jordan He had black hair Brown eyes pale skin but it was also tan and he wore a black tee shirt jeans white and black trainers and a leather jacket " if I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain in ice or in the sun it's all the same yet I know her heart is beating and I know that I am dead but it seems that I still have these tears to shed " she finsihed and he smiled at her " your voice is almost as brilliant as your personality which is rivaled by your beauty lone " he said the bell then rang and y/n picked up her stuff and hurried to her next class art A feeling of dread over cmae her as to who she sat next to : Seth
  5. When she reached art she sat down she belived Seth woukd have requested a move But was shocked when he sat next to her Seth had Crimson hair green or sometimes brown eyes skin as pale a johns He wore a black tee shirt with red clouds in it and black jeans he had black trainers and a black leather jacket Just like home ex we weren't acctualy doing work that was important to the term we were told to draw the most beautiful thing we have ever looked at I drew the sun setting on the ocean with two silhouettes sitting in the water their arms around each other's shoudlers it was Seth and I at the beach I didn't know what he was painting but when I asked him or tired to speak to him he ignored me or told me to be quite or sit still He was the first finsihed he went over to the teacher and showed her it she smiled and stooped the class " students of my advanced art class look what Seth has painted he has painted miss y/n his best friend as the most beautiful thing he has ever seen " I looked at him in shock and the girls awwed at Seth and glared at me and the Boys laughed and made kissy faces when Seth sat down i looked at the picture it was me The picture had the same h/l hair with the same h/c as well It had teh smae e/s and e/c As well as the same s/c and my favourite clothes as well the bell rang after I handed mine in it was the ceremony ( narrator point of view ) As y/n hurried out of the class she didn't see the predatory smirk pointed in her way by Seth
  6. Y/n reached the assembly hall where the colours of the elements were hung up on the massive stage the elders of the land stood up all four of them were male He welcomed them all to the revelation of the royalty Y/n ignored what was going on until the elders leader zarack stepped up and the other three walked behind him He began to read the names " our new king of the water Kingdom is king John " he said and john walked out from behind the stage his eyes seemingly looked at y/n then he smirked " our new king of the earth and metal Kingdom is king Kerein " he said and just like John Keiren came out and looked to y/n them smirked " our new king of the wind and ice is king Jordan " jordan did the same as the other two At this point y/n started to prey that the one who came next wasn't seth she couldn't lose him like she had lost her parents Unfortunately the odds were not on her side " our new king of the fire and magic kingdom is king Seth " he did almost the same as the other three but instead a predatory look was present in his eyes " now the lucky girl who has the chance to be one of their consorts and queen " More like prey and slave 'y/n thought in her head She more or less tuned out she was aware that the four were one of the many mythical creatures in the school but she could only rember Seth and johns species Seth was a puppet master a type of sorcerer and John was a vampire She was brought back to reality with the snapping of fingers in her face and a pale hand on her shoulder in front of her was John and he was smirking the others not far behind him Seth was on his left Jordan on his rigth and keiren she just knew he was behind her " like I was saying the chosen one is miss Y/n " he said The girl was only given ten seconds beofre everything went black her Last thougth was ' no no no this can't be happening it's just a nightmare '
  7. Hope you enjoyed part one
  8. Sorry for the spelling mistakes but my I pad won't let me go bakc and fix them
  9. This was my first story quiz so sorry if it sucked I will improve though
  10. Tell me in the comments who you got
  11. After I get to a certain part I will put a poll up to deicde who y/n ( you ) end up with

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