Love Isn't Easy Part 1

This is my first story, so sorry if it sucks a bit. Anyway your name is Lindsay Winters. You're 17 and a senior. You thought you were a normal girl, but you are dead wrong.

The boys in this story are James: Brown hair, green eyes, tan skin and a tad nerdy. Cody: Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and a bit mysterious. Kade: Black hair, brown eyes and the class clown. Adam: Blonde hair, green eyes and a total jock.

Created by: ofmiceandsammmy
  1. It's your senior in high school, finally! You wake up at 6:00 AM so that you have enough time to get ready. You want to leave a mark at this school, and what better way than the perfect outfit! What will you wear?
  2. After having breakfast, you wait for James to text you that he's here. (He's your ride) When you finally get the text, you grab your bag and head outside. You hop into James' car greeting him hello. "Good Morning, Lindsey." James said when you sat down. "Morning." You say smiling at him. James had brown hair and green eyes. You'd never really noticed it before, but his eyes were stunning, as well as his smile too. He started driving to the hellhole that I call school. The ride there was mostly quiet. When we got there I walked to my locker, which was next to James'. "What's your first class?" James asked. "Geometry, you?" "Ugh that sucks. I have history." We split up once the bell rang to go to our class.
  3. When you got to class, you sat next to a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, but he seemed a mysterious. You smiled at him when he looked up. He gave a slight smile back. Weird you thought. "I'm Lindsey." You say to the cute boy. His eyes were so blue you were getting a bit lost. "I'm Cody." He said kind of quietly. When the final bell rang, Mr. Smith came to the front of the class to give his lesson. I wasn't particularly paying much attention. Class seemed to drag on forever. Finally, the bell to leave rand, and I grabbed my stuff to leave. Before I could leave, I felt a tug on my arm. I turned around and saw Cody. "Hi, um, I was wondering if you'd like to hang out after school or something?" He asked me a bit awkwardly. "Yeah sure." We exchanged number and went our separate ways.
  4. My next class was history, my least favorite class I'll have you know. When I got there, there was only one seat left. It was next to a boy with black hair and brown eyes. He was smiling and joking with a couple of people around him. When I sat down, he smirked at me and said, "Aren't you pretty?" I blushed and laughed a bit. He was quite cute and funny. "Thanks." I told him. "Don't worry about it sweet cheeks. I'm Kade. Say, why don't you sit with me at lunch?" "Sure."
  5. I walked with Kade to lunch after class. We met some guy who I assume is on the football team by his jersey. He had blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He came and sat right next to me. "Hi, I'm Adam." He said flashing we a brilliant smile. "Hi Adam, I'm Lindsay." I said smiling back. "Well, I may be new at this school, but you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met." I giggle and blushed. Kade butted in with a twinge of jealous. "Yes, yes. She's breathtaking. Get over it." Adam and I exchanged glances and laughed a bit, him winking at him.
  6. After the last class of the day, you get a text from Cody telling you to meet outside the school by the front doors. When you spot Cody outside, you take a minute to admire his face. His dirty blonde is slightly messy and covering part of his face. His blue eyes are easy to get lost in. They're bright, and once they see you they light up. He smiled and waves you over.
  7. I hurry over to Cody and say hello. "So what are we gonna do?" You ask him. "I was thinking I could drive us to the beach and we could go for a walk or something." He says kind of shyly. "That sounds amazing!" You exclaim. Cody smiles at you and leads the way to his car. When you guys get to the beach, you start to walk. You guys just talk, laugh and mess around. You had a great time and time flew by because the next thing you knew, it was getting dark. "I should probably take you home." Cody says. You nod and walk back to his car. The car ride home is quiet. You mostly just listen to music. As it turns out, you both like the same music. When he stops in front of your house, you say, "Thanks Cody. I had a great time." "Of course. Let's do it again sometime." Cody tells you smiling. You quickly hug him and tenses for a minute before putting his arms around you. You get out of the car smiling. You walk inside and aren't surprised by the absence of your parents. They're hardly ever home. You quickly eat something and head upstairs and go to bed.
  8. So if you guys could rate and comment I'd love you, like a lot
  9. So this was kinda boring, I promise it'll get more interesting! This is just the first chapter
  10. ok bye

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