The love for a shaodw part 2

Part two of love of a shadow Hope you enjoyed this it is shorter than the other one and i misspelt silver Also this chapter focuses on John and y/n

F/s is favourite soup E/c eye colour H/c hair colour H/l hair length Y/nn your nickname Y/n your name Also John is slightly a bit of a dick in this part

Created by: Puppet master12

  1. Y/n opened her blurry e/c eyes and looked around she was confused as to where she was the celing was painte slight blue with clouds just like the sky The walls were painted wither a river in a forest the floor was litterly water with rock stones and a rock bridge leading over to a wooden platform where y/n was as well as a war drobe and a desk as well as multiple book shelves The bed she was on had blue sheets and a blue blanket it was a queen sized bed Y/n looked towards The White door which had siover painted sea creatures like turtels and dolphins painted on it When it slowly opened she saw John walk in with a blue tray on it was a bowl of f/s and six buttered bread rolls with the food was a glass of a blue liquid y/n didn't recognise she saw John was beginning to look up from the Rock puzzle on the floor to get to her She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep she felt him or should she say her king smirk at her
  2. " oh silly litle y/nn as a vampire I knew the minute your heart sped up you were awake " he said moving next to her placing the tray on the table next to her before grabbing her shoulders and sitting her upright and putting the pillows up against her back then placing the tray on her lap " are you going to eat or do I have to force you " he said to her Y/n glared definetly at John He sighed " I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this " he said beofre water tentacles shot out at her and restraining her arms and legs John picked up the spoon and put it into the soup y/n clamped her mouth shut Johns eyes then suddenly glowed with a mischevious spark he placed the tray back down Before he pounced on y/n placing his lips against hers
  3. Y/N's e/c eyes shot open in shock and alarm and she tried to get away from John but failed as the tentcales held her down John pulled away Gently and slowly " now will you eat or do I have to go further " he whispered in her ear " F-Fine " y/n stuttered and John smirked he then carefully re lifted her bakc onto the pillows and putting the tray in to her lap the tentacles released her but tehy stayed above the water and near her to remind her she couldn't escape even if she am gaged to get past John She dipped the rolls into the soup and then eating the soup but she stayed clear of the blue liquid She finished the soup and John looked at her " do you not need a drink " he said to her Y/n looked suspicious she remained silent and did nothing John was obviously displeased The tentacles started to slowly move to her and John took the class and another tentacle took the tray The cover was jacked of of y/n and placed on the platform the tentacles bound her like they had earlier but one wrapped adoring her waist holding her up John who had gotten up since she beganti eat had sat back down on top of her He grabbed her face. And forced the liquid down her throat. Y/n looked at him in fear as she felt her body going slack " don't worry y/nn i won't do much while your out " he smirked at her before everything went black
  4. Guys he's not going to rape her if that's what you were thinking
  5. Guys he's not going to rape her if that's what you were thinking
  6. Hope you enjoyed this short part
  7. A shoutout to kat queen and jinx who read my first oart
  8. Also a shoutout to glitch who I don't belive has read it but plans to
  9. Next part will be longer and further explained the situation will be
  10. So um bye

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