Paranormal Love (part 43) THE FINAL CHAPTER

Hi guys! Welcome to the final chapter of Paranormal Love! I really hope you guys like this part. I had a lot of fun writing this series. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them! :D

Recap: Take part 42 again, it will make it better. But if you're too lazy, I understand. In the last part, you confess your love to your favorite guy. He feels the same way so you become boyfriend/girlfriend.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. It's been almost a year since you and [____] have gotten together. So far, it's been the most wonderful year of your life. To this day, you and [____] are very much in love and still going strong. Sure, when the other guys found out that you've decided to date him they were pretty upset and jealous. But by now, they've learned to accept it and have moved on. No worries though, your friendship with the guys hasn't been ruined. You still live at the mansion with no weirdness between you and them. In fact, you now have 5 best guy friends, 1 best girlfriend, and 1 awesomely amazing sexy boyfriend. :) A year's time is a pretty big time forward, and I'm sure you're wondering just what happened in 'the most wonderful year of your life'. Let's get started, shall we?
  2. Fall seemed to rush by in a hurry. There were busy days, lazy days, fun days, and boring days. Before you all knew it, winter was begining. You had a love/hate relationship with winter. You loved the snow and the fact that winter is so close to Christmas, but sometimes you just hated the cold weather and wanted it to be warm again. The first time it snowed that year was the most memorable. You and [____] stayed up late having one of those random, funny conversations and ended up falling asleep together in your bed. You woke up in his arms and saw that it was snowing outside. The sky was a pretty shade of grey and the snowflakes were so fluffy, it looked like the clouds got into a pillow fight and the pillows busted. You were about to wake up [____] to tell him that it was snowing, but when you looked at him, you saw that he was already awake. He smiled at you. "I know what we're doing today." he said.
  3. To start the day off, everyone had a hardcore snowball fight in the backyard. You divided up into teams of two. You were with Allissa, Chris was with Jace, Ethan was with Anthony, and Nick was with Bryan. You each had your snow forts and stash of snowballs. Because you are all supernatural beings, you all had an advantage of some sort. You all showed no mercy with the snowballs and by the time you were all done, you were freezing, tired, and covered in snow. It looked like a mini tornado went through the back yard. Everybody went inside, changed, and did their own little thing. You and [____] decided to watch your favorite movie by the fireplace wrapped up in a blanket while drinking hot chocolate.
  4. For Christmas, everyone went to a Christmas party being held at someone else's fancy schmancy mansion. There were a ton of supernatural beings there. Some were former workers or agents of Jace but most were total strangers. Well, let's just say the party started out as people socializing, nothing being broken, and music at an appropriate volume... and it ended with painfully loud music, drunken dancers, food fights, random things being broken, and great youtube videos being filmed. Despite the chaos, you had a blast. [____] was with you most of the night and twords the end, he grabbed you by the hand. "Where are you taking me?" you asked. "You'll see." [____] said grinning. You both giggled. Okay, so maybe you were both a little drunk but whatever. You guys walked into a dimly lit room. The light source was moonlight coming in from the window. You and [____] walked by a few passed out people covered in Christmas lights, sharpie drawings, and/or glitter. You stopped near the window. There was a mistletoe attatched to the top of the it. [____] had his hands on your hips and yours were on his shoulders. Your forhead was pressed against his. You leaned in and kissed him. He pulled you closer and kissed you back harder. Let's just say it turned into a makeout session...
  5. Winter passed relatively quickly... but before we move on, I bet you want to hear about Valentines Day. Well, Valentines Day used to be a holiday you dreaded because it was a constant reminder that you were single. You've had a few boyfriends throughout your lifetime, but never one on Valentines Day... until this year. [____] handed you a single red rose and took you out to a romantic resteraunt. You both had a great time, and if that wasn't fabulous enough afterwards he gave you a pretty bracelet. It was sliver with a heart shaped charm. The heart was painted your favorite color and engraved in it were the words "I love you." "I made it myself. Do you like it?" [____] asked hopefully. You smiled. "I love it!" you replied. He smiled back and hugged you. You two walked back to the mansion hand in hand. On your way there, you saw a shooting star.
  6. When spring had finally came, you wanted to spend nearly every minute outside. The weather was so nice with all the blue skies, fluffy clouds, and refreshing breezes. There was plant life blooming everywere and so much to see. You and [____] often explored the forest or just hung out outside. You liked to lay in the grass and watch the clouds roll by. When the weather got stormy, you and [____] took that as an opportunity to kiss in the rain... or to stay inside in the darkest room of the mansion and share secrets and scary stories.
  7. Soon, it was summertime. Your favorite time of the year. You had no idea how this summer will top last summer, but somehow it did. It had all the fun of last summer, but none of the drama (or kidnapping.) You spent the whole summer doing all of your favorite activities. You all went to California for a few weeks. You got there July 4th and spent the day in the ocean with everyone and the night watching these awesome fireworks being set off. I'm talking fireworks that light up the whole freakin' sky with blasts of glittery awesomeness. You were sad to see summer go.
  8. Whew! That sure was a lot to catch up on. I now bring you to the present day. It is fall currently. Just keep reading...
  9. Today was a lovely fall day. It wasn't too cold out, but not too hot either. [____] had told you there was a place he wanted you to see. He also seemed excited about it. You held his hand as you two walked out of the forest, through the city, and to this place you've never seen before. It was a park of some sort. There was a dirt path that went through a field of vibrant green grass. There were quite a few tress covered with colorful leaves ranging from deep red to sunny yellow. The lamposts lining the path were giving off a golden glow. In the sky was an amazing sunset. The sky was pink with red and orange clouds twords the bottom and purple and bluish clouds twords the top. A gentle breeze went through your hair. It also stirred up the leaves that have already fallen. "Is this where you wanted to take me?" you ask. [_____] nods. "It's beautiful!" you exclaim. "Like you." he replies winking. You smile. "Not that I don't like it, but... why here?" you ask out of curiousity. "Two reasons. I thought it would be romantic and you'll see..." [____] says.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! Haha, you should have seen the look on your face! xD Okay, time to get serious. So this is the last part of Paranormal Love. :( I pretty much just poured my heart into this so I really hope you all liked it! Soon, I will be posting a quiz that I would like my readers to take. You'll know it when you see it. I can't thank you guys enough for reading my series and all those nice comments! Really, it means a lot to me. I would have given up a long time ago if it weren't for you guys. You know by now that it's my lifelong dream to become a famous writer. I hope I can do it! I love you guys!!!! Stay epic!!! :) -Firey_Soul
  12. But wait!!!! We're not done yet!!! You have to answer one last question: Who do you LOVE? More story in the results, better hurry up! Your boyfriend is waiting for you!

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