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Prologue in this series This chapter I am Joined by S_E And Kat queen And kata very annoying side person the nemo guy So read on my looflies

Prologue in this series This chapter I am Joined by S_E And Kat queen And kata very annoying side person the nemo guy So read on my looflies So

Created by: Puppet master12

  1. Inside the raven wings library sat a seemingly young maiden hair as black as a Ravens wing eyes as grey as stone but as bright as the sun A clock as soft as the clouds and as fiery as the feathers of a phoenix This young maiden was the keeper of the books the strongest of all Her name only known to the gaurdains is secret
  2. Secret gracefully arose from her seat of the library's desk as the thunder from outside her library raged The wind slapping against the wind sows the rain pouring down on the roof Drip , drip , drip others would hear Whoosh whoosh whoosh , the woukd hear again Bang bang bang others would think But It's time it's time - the libraian heard To chose to choose the wind howled Our next set of cards - the thunder boomed
  3. Agreed " a voice said to the librarian as a wispy ghost of white appeared But who will get to them first I wonder " it cracked it's voice dull and old " how will you convince them old firend " it said mockingly " convince them indeed " it started " without a voice " it added cackling It's head gettn thrown backwards as it erupted into a fit of laughter It didn't see the lib rains hands move , it didn't see the symbol of banishment appear on the young flesh but it did see the glows the blue , the flame , the earthly colour , and the crystal And it did see the creature of the elements appear as it was banished to its own prison
  4. The glows slowly faded and once they were gone the librain pulled down her hood reaveling her whole head The hair that once looked black was blonde at the top and only at the ends of the twin braids did it turn black The pale face was freckled The eyes icy and glassy The lips pink The librain walked to a statue where three gems stood One for water One for earth And one for air Her hand stroked the emery holder for fire No sadness enveloped the librain she was unable to have emotions Fire would be her first find , the hardest possibly
  5. A bird flew through the open window of the library a letter in its beak The librain after gaining it in her possession began to read it Wanted dead or alive Carter Gin find her priority : Alpha reward : 99999904433 kaita A priority Alpha was the highest level She knew immeditly this girl must be fore she could see it in her eyes she must find her beofre anyone else

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