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Hi everyone! This is the lovely Prologue to this series! I hope you enjoy it, I tried a different writing technique, so let me know what you think about it!

Also, if you all have any ideas for new characters, let me know! I preferably need one girl and one guy, but it could always change I guess. Meow meow meow meow...

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. I had always been told that someday, when the time was right, I would find my calling. I would always find myself wondering when that day would come. When would the time be right? I would often ask, yet receive no real reason for why I had not found my calling.
  2. By now, I am sure you are rather confused about what I am telling you. Let me explain. I am sure you have heard of Guardian Angels, right? The beings above you up in the Heavens who look down on you, ready to protect you when needed. I am one of them. Though this may seem rather silly, I assure you that it is indeed, all true. Each word I say to you is a piece of me for you to hold onto, to get to know me better. I know little about myself, honesty, and was rather disappointed that I was the only Guardian of such age that had not found her calling.
  3. Now, I am sure you are wondering what a calling is. For you, a mortal, a calling would be seen as a special area in your life that you excel in, and are created to do. For a Guardian, such as myself, a calling is not only a job, but a human being. A calling was assigned to each of us in the beginning, yet my calling was still unknown. Female or Male, I would be responsible for anything that occurred to them when in my protection. As a Guardian, it is my job to not only protect them, but to help guide them to their other half.
  4. Now that I have told you this, I suppose it would be polite of me to tell you a little about myself. My given name is Angelica, though once I find my calling, I will be given a new name to hide my true identity. As for my looks, I suppose you should know I am not like most Guardians. While every other female Guardian had lovely matching creamy white wings, with stiff feathers that hid behind locks of straight white hair, I look different. Just above my waist rests a pair of luscious grey wings, with soft feathers that flow out far enough to be seen through my thick, wavy blonde hair that is adorned with a crown of daisies. Most mortals are taught to believe we angels are beautiful beings, and we are.
  5. I, being different, was always thought to be of higher rank, though I found it hard to believe. My brother, Grayson, was always telling me otherwise, insisting that I am special. While other Guardians were only talented in a specific area, I had been blessed with a wide range of talents, that when used, could allow me to do absolutely anything I wished to do. Anything except to find my calling, that is. I'd often confront Grayson about this, but he would always give the same answer each time.
  6. "Angelica, my sister, thou art most important. Compared to other Guardians, your beauty shines like the stars on Earth. Your beauty attracts the male Guardians, and they will stop at no cost to get a hold of you, my sister." he would say, resting his hands on top of my shoulders as his oceanic blue eyes stared into mine. "Grayson, must I always stay hidden? Must you always do this? Brother, I am capable of handling myself, I am not a child, and you know that." I would argue, defiantly pushing past him to walk away, but he would always stop me. "Sister, soon enough, you will no longer be under my wing. Thou will be given a calling, and will be sent to Earth. You will soon enough find out why I protected you. Do you get that?" he would ask.
  7. "Brother, I shall not ever find my calling. I am the only Guardian who has not. Must I wait until I am on my death bed?" I would ask, my thin brows closely knitted together as he would pull me into a warm embrace, trying ever so hard to calm me down, yet it would never work. "Angelica! Must thou say such vulgar words? You know as well as I do that someday, your calling will be found. Just give it time." he would whisper, gently pressing his lips against my forehead. "I suppose you are right again. Brother." I would sigh, his fluffy cream wings tickling my jawline as he pulled me closer. "Thou hast finally understood my point. Congratulations, sister." he would say, so much pride in his voice as he would give me a quick squeeze, then fly away.
  8. I hardly ever understood how he could protest against me meeting my other half, when he was always going from girl to girl, not that I wanted that. I had one Guardian in mind, when I would think such thoughts. He was the only Guardian I ever felt compelled to, his beauty both inside and out. His name is Castiel, the only Guardian I have ever liked back, though I doubt he feels the same. Castiel is Graysons close friend, and as such, is the only Guardian allowed to be within three feet of me. He always would do and say the sweetest things, and Grayson could sense my attraction to him, yet he was kind enough to never tell, bless his soul.
  9. I was silly for feeling such things though, for he is the best looking Guardian around, and as such, has every female Guardian worshipping each and every cloud his feet would make contact with. His face was carefully framed with glorious blonde locks, that would shine like the sun, carefully cascading down to the nape of his neck. His eyes, like beautiful pools of water, stared longingly down below, as if he felt needed down below. Truth be told, I am starting to believe he has not found his calling yet, either, but I could be wrong. His face has the careful sculpting of a Greek god, the way his jawline carefully jutted out when he would be deep in thought. How I would long to have just a minute in his presence. How I longed to be anywhere he was.
  10. "Angelica!" Graysons voice called out, startling me from my day dreaming. "What is it?" I sighed, playing with a strand of my silky strawberry blonde hair, the small highlights of pink shining brighter than ever. "Come here, sister. Thou art needed at once." he shouted. "On my way." I mumbled, standing to my feet with a hopeful smile glued to my face. Being the way I am, I carefully strutted to my closet, pulling out a silky white strapless dress that flowed down to my ankles, a slit down the left side that allowed my left leg to be exposed. Walking over to a small hand held mirror, I cradled it in my palm as I ran my fingers through my wild hair. Finally satisfied with the end result, I flew to Grayson, who was accompanied by Castiel.
  11. "Angelica, thou art looking most exquisite." Castiel said, smiling the smile that seemed to shine brighter than any other thing created. "Thank you, Castiel. " I smiled warmly, Grayson chuckling at my embarrassment. "Sister, your time hast come." he said, my body tingling as I rubbed my temples in shock. "What time?" I mumbled, taking a seat on a cloud that was carefully lined in a linen sheet that smelled of honey. "We have found your calling. Or, should I say, we found you and Castiels calling." he grinned, Castillo blushing deeply as Grayson gave his arm a soft nudge.
  12. "Angelica, it seems we both somehow share the same calling." Castiel explained, giving a shy smile as my brow arched highly. " How Is that possible? I thought each Guardian got his or her own calling. Art thou sure this is not just a mistake?" I asked, sweeping a strand of my hair away from my eyes. "Sister, thou knowest the Lord makes no mistakes. As crazy as it sounds, you two are to go to Earth together, attending Celeste Highschool. Since thou both are of higher ranking, I see it fit for you to make thou self's well known at this school. Your calling is that of a high ranking on Earth, which is why thou were both chosen, I suppose." Grayson explain, handing me a small envelope, with a sheet of crackled paper peeking out.
  13. Carefully pulling it out, I studied the paper, with only a few words scrawled out onto it. "What does it say?" Castiel asked, suddenly right behind me. " It says we are assigned to a male of age seventeen, named Blaze Vermont. As Grayson has said, he is of high ranking, being of rich heritage." I said, pointing down to a blurry picture of what appeared to be a smirking teenage boy. "And thou art sure this guy is our calling?" Castiel asked, turning to give Grayson a questioning look. "I am afraid so. Thou must be going, now." Grayson frowned, carefully floating over to me with a sad look. " Angelica, sister. I will miss you so much, but I trust that Castiel shall protect you as if he were me." he whispered breathlessly into my ear, his wings making contact with my face as we embraced each other tightly. "I shall miss you more, Grayson." I sniffed, giving his cheek a small peck before pulling away.
  14. "Before thou leave, I must tell you your assigned names. Angelica, thou name will be Angelica Winters. You are to act as Castiels best friend, to keep you both safe. Castiel, your assigned name will be Castiel Bennet. Though art to try to befriend your calling. Worst comes to worst, Angelica is permitted to use her power of charm to win him over." Grayson sighed, pulling me back into his arms. "Grayson, I shall keep her safe for you. Nothing shall harm her, for I will make sure of it." Castiel said, gently taking my hand in his.
  15. "Thank you, Castiel. Angelica, I shall see you soon enough." Grayson whispered, giving a small smile as Castiel began to flap his wings. "Oh! Once you get on Earth, to hide your wings, just shut your eyes and say " Hidden secret." As for your place to stay, I have a friend there. Look for a guy by the name of Louis Castillo." Grayson called out, Castiel giving him a nod.
  16. "So.. Angelica, tell me." Castiel said into my ear as we flew across the blue cloud-filled sky, my hand still latched on to his. " How does it feel to hold hands with the best looking Guardian around?" he asked with a sly smile, a scoff escaping my throat. "I could ask you the same thing, could I not?" I laughed, his face reddening as he gave a nod. "I suppose so, though you never answered my question." he chuckled softly, the Earth growing closer. ""I suppose, if I were asked to hold hands with any Guardian, I could trust you the most. As my brother has told me repeatedly 'Sister, thine beauty shines like the stars on Earth. The male Guardians find you quite attractive, and will stop at no cost to get a hold of you' " I quoted, mocking Graysons expressions he would give.
  17. "Ha. Great impression, though he is not wrong. I see how the other Guardians act around you, worshipping each cloud you feet touch. I quite often wonder how you seem so different compared to every other female Guardian." he sighed, pulling me closer as we grew closer to Earth, our wings brushing up against trees and sprigs of flowers that hung from the branches. " They do the same around you, the females. As for my special abilities, I quite often wonder the same thing, but have come to the decision that if I were meant to know, I would already know." I shrugged. "Spoken like a true Guardian. Be prepared to land." he said, scooping me into his arms as he gently let his feet brush the foliage surrounding us.
  18. As he finally came to a halt, he gently put me down, smiling down at me as I studied our surroundings in awe. "Castiel, is this place not intriguing? The lovely flowers with their young petals, the birds that fly about, playfully chasing each other around...." I trailed off, my face burning as he gave a nod, still staring at me. " I could not agree more. We should go ahead and hide our wings, in case someone sees us." he suggested. Giving a nod in agreement, we both shut our eyes, saying "Hidden Secret." in unison. Carefully opening my eyes, Castiel doing the same, I gave a smile as I saw he no longer had his wings. "Great. Now, from now on, we must keep our wings hidden, okay?" he asked, smiling back. "Of course, Castiel." I grinned, allowing him to guide me towards a small path.
  19. "Perhaps we should go look for the guy Grayson spoke of." he suggested. "I suppose that would be the best thing to do." I smiled, stroking a bird that gracefully landed upon my shoulder with a pleased chirp. "Even the bird sees your beauty." Castiel laughed, gently petting the bird beneath its beak. "Another one of my powers." I explained, taking the bird in my hand and gently laying it down on the grass. "You are quite lucky, having all of those powers. Every other Guardian only has four powers, at the most, but you have exceeded that. How?" he wondered, putting his hand onto my shoulder as he guided me along the path, a small city coming into view. "I suppose I'm just blessed, Castiel." I shrugged, watching him smile lovingly.
  20. "How will we find Louis?" I asked him, a sly smile running across his face. " You have many powers, right? Perhaps try tracking him down. I'm sure it is not too hard." he shrugged "I suppose it could not hurt to try. I have never tracked a mortal before, but it cannot be too hard." I sighed, closing my eyes. Placing my fingertips to my temples, I began to repeat his name in my head, a sudden house number popping into my head. "231 East Oak Street. Third house on the corner, with a yellow front door." I said, relaying the information that I had found out. "Impressive, Angelica." he grinned, leading me throughout the city, on the search for East Oak Street.
  21. "Here we are. Would you prefer I knock incase he is insane?" Castiel asked with a proud smile. " If that would make you happy, then by all means, go ahead." I laughed, watching him go up onto the porch and knocking on the door. Within seconds, the door swung open, revealing a tall teenager with dark hair that was precariously splashed about on his head, his eyes a hypnotic green that seemed brighter than the grass in his yard. "Can I help you?" he asked, his eyes darting over to me before Castiel gave a small cough. "Sorry to be a bother. Her brother, Grayson sent us here?" he explained, Louis's face lighting up at the mention of Grayson. "Come in, come in. He said you'd be here soon. You're welcome to do whatever you please, my family's gone for the month, so your free to stay until they get back." Louis said, leading us in with a smile.
  22. "That is quite nice of you." I smiled, Castiel pulling me closer to his side as Louis returned the smile. "No problem. Grayson did so much for me, it'd be rude to not be hospitable." he said. "Excuse us for a moment." Castiel said, dragging me behind him into a long hallway. "Angelica, Please do be careful. He seems rather attracted to you. I would hate for your brother to have to get on to you." he said in a hushed whisper, barely audible. "Castiel , I am not in the least attracted to him. He is but a mere mortal, while I am a Guardian. But that does not mean I will not be nice to him. He is letting us stay, is he not?" I sighed into his ear, his face reddening as he gave a nod. "I get that, Angelica. I do. But just because you feel differently does not mean he will behave properly. Humans are disgusting creatures, if you have not noticed that." he whispered back, placing his hands on my shoulders, pulling me into a tight embrace.
  23. " I can protect myself, Castiel. I am not some child with little knowledge. I can sense his thoughts, and they have all been rather nice, if you must know. Nothing wrong in any way, so perhaps we should just go back and talk with him." I suggested with a frustrated sigh, sensing his thoughts. I suddenly blushed furiously, dipping my head low to hide the glow in my cheeks. " I suppose we could." he smiled, leading me back into the living room where Louis sat impatiently. "Took you long enough." he laughed, turning to face me with a smile. "Apologies." I said, Castiel frowning deeply as Louis blushed. "No need to apologize. I forgot that Guardians took things seriously. I was only joking." he explained, giving a shy smile that lit his glowing face up. " Oh. Well then I must apologize for misunderstanding." I apologized, my face burning as Castiel gave a sharp glare that sliced like a knife.
  24. "Angelica. Perhaps we should go elsewhere and explore for a while. Perhaps we could go 'shop' for clothing that is more like what these odd creatures wear." Castiel suggested, frowning as he motioned over to Louis. " I suppose that could do, though I doubt they could have anything quite as luxurious as what I wear now." I sighed, giving Louis an apologetic look as Castiel led me outside.
  25. "Angelica, I want you to promise me something." he pled, taking my hands in his, his beautiful eyes full of compassion as he kept eye contact. "Of course, Castiel. What Is it?" I questioned, giving a small smile. " Promise me, no matter how charming these mortals be, that you remember this." he said, leaning towards me with a smile. "Remember wh-" I started, cut of by his smooth lips pressing against mine.
  26. ***CLIFFHANGER***Sorry! Let me know what you think of this series so far! I'll get part One out soon.

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