are you yin or yang ( not the ones you think)

This is to see which of my Two eldest siblings you are if you want I can do a blake or jess and/or carter or dara or melonie and a jake or jack or Nathan or austin and/or tess or mia/mya ( she keeps changing the spelling ugh)

SOOOOO this is my quiz I hope you like it and yeah um I hate this part im watching big hero six with my siblings we are having so much fun sorta jack is beung annoying melonie snt here thank giod and the cousins are here

Created by: Puppet master12

  1. Preferred occupation
  2. Movie genre?
  3. Book Genre?
  4. Weapon?
  5. Favourite food?
  6. Animal?
  7. night or day?
  8. Bay max or Olaf?
  9. Light or darkness
  10. Christophe or Tadashi

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Quiz topic: Am I yin or yang ( not the ones you think)