Do you know yin and yang?

The yin is sometimes thought to be this spiritual and "supernatural" force or power or what ever. Well, all that is bull s--- (excuse my language). It is actually part of an ancient Chinese religion. Now, I don't know what that religion is, but I know it's from a religion.

Along with the yang, the yin represents stuff like opposites. Let's say your a girl and there's this guy who's your total opposite. He's the yang, and you're the yang. This quiz is about how much you know about the yin, yang and wuji. Good luck.

Created by: hadesman101

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  1. What color is the yin?
  2. And the yang?
  3. And the wuji?
  4. Which represents the yin?
  5. Which represents the yang?
  6. Which represents the wuji?
  7. If yin is earth, then what is yang?
  8. If yin is earth, then what is wuji?
  9. What shape was the yin and yang?
  10. The yin and yang represents what to the ancient Chinese?

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Quiz topic: Do I know yin and yang?