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  • I've never heard this song or seen the movie, but I can see it

    What is your Disney theme song?

    Your Result: I won't say I'm in love - Hercules


    Yo u struggle with love , yet you're still strong and can do things for yourself without relying on a man! You've been hurt before because of love and it's only affected you a little.

  • Your Result: Touch the sky - Brave 22%

    Cool! This is the one that's most like me. You are a wild card , you love to feel free . You refuse to have anyone else decide your future for you! You know you're limits and yet you go above them

  • Never actually seen brave but oh well lol

    Crae Crae ness
  • I wanted to have Tangled because i love that movie but oh well. Brave is ok..

  • Hercules x3

    Jinx Blackclaw
  • I'm touch the sky from Brave. Was hoping to get Tangled but it was a good quiz.


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