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  • When the weekend ends...
    "I know this is random but country girls I just wanted to let you know my engagement is off. We both decided it was for the best. Love you g..."
  • "My would have to be when my boyfriend asked me to came "watch Netflix Nd chill" I thought it was innocent lol. So I agreed than when I got t..."
  • "These are actually funny"
  • "Yo mama is like a library. She open to the public. Yo mama so bald when she puts on a turtle neck she looks like roll on deodorant."
  • "Yeah I hate auto correct"
  • "Good the are perfect for you!!! Glad I can ,are you feel at home on gotoquiz. Don't knock em unless you for better"
  • Yay
  • Post a song...
    "Fight for you- by Grayson Reed"
  • "Post if you have any....... Yo mama so nasty she had to sneak up on the bath water. Yo mama so ugly why she went to an ug"
  • I'm loving it!!!
  • I'm loving it!!!
    "Yes I meant to say fianc. And he asked me about 3 weeks ago, and we set the date for April 22,2017!"
  • I'm loving it!!!
    "Well we have been friends for 6 years. He said he started like likening me in 8th grade so he asked me out, but I said no.... We were still ..."
  • I'm loving it!!!
  • "He can say that but actions speak louder than words. So how does he act?"
  • I'm loving it!!!
    "Thanks! I'm just so giddy inside!!!!!"

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