Would I totally date you? (Boys)

There are a lot of mr right s in the world and you could be mine but you gotta take this quiz to find out so stop I know you wanna take this quiz lol

I hate to right summary style lol I am so bored so take this quiz and find out don't pass if you don't oh well I could care less lol no seriously take it

Created by: Crae Crae ness

  1. Are you athletic?
  2. Are you tall?
  3. Are you a big flirt?
  4. How do you dress?
  5. Would you buy me roses?!
  6. Would you make plans to spend a Friday night, if so what would we do?
  7. Would you ignore me at school?
  8. So you like girly girls??
  9. Could we talk about important stuff?
  10. Bye?

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