Ready Player One Quiz! (Part 1)

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Welcome to my first quiz on Ready Player One! (my first quiz at all, for that matter) This quiz asks questions about the basic storyline and characters in the book. I will be making more parts soon, so stay up to date!

This quiz is mainly made for Oregon Battle of the Books, a contest held each year where every school in Oregon takes a group of four students that study 12 books and then at the end of the year face off with each other and are asked questions about the books. The team that knows the most, wins!

Created by: garretta706

  1. What family member does Wade live with at the start of the book?
  2. What is Wade's best friend's (in-game) name?
  3. What is Wade trying to find throughout the whole book?
  4. What is the name of the company that Wade is fighting against?
  5. What is the name of the game that the book takes place in?
  6. What do people hunting for the Egg call themselves?
  7. What is Aech's hangout room named?
  8. On what planet did Wade attend school?
  9. What are the names of the keys in the book?
  10. What are the gates most commonly referred too?
  11. What is Wade's hideout?
  12. Who created the OASIS?
  13. What did IOI try to do to Wade after they tried to bribe him to tell them how to beat the first gate?
  14. What did Wade have to do to get the copper key?
  15. What is Wade's in-game name?
  16. What grade is Wade in at the start of the book?
  17. What does Wade have to do to pass the first gate?
  18. What year does the start of the book take place in?

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