Are you good at Football?

Don't take this quiz seriously, this is just for fun, although the result you get may be some-what true, you shouldn't totally accept it as it is, because even if I'm a seasoned player and experienced, there are others with more experience whose opinions will differ from mine.

The questions I asked are not bulls--- and are from a player with genuine experience, if you get a bad result, it's reality and I'm not messing with you.

Created by: Madao.
  1. Would you rather play in your favorite position or the one your coach tell's you to cover?
  2. Your team is down 1 goal and it's injury time, you're near the penalty spot, the ball slowly rolls towards you after a deflection, your team mate is standing beside you with a defender besides him, do you shot or do you pass?
  3. You receive the ball in the final third after a mistake by the opposition defender, do you make sure the opposition pay for it or just stand there and panic and get the ball taken away from?
  4. What do you prefer more? power or technique?
  5. Would you rather play offensive or defensive football?
  6. Can you keep the ball in a tight position and wait for support?
  7. Would you rather dribble or pass to a teammate?
  8. Would you put your body in the way a incoming shot to prevent your team from being scored against, even if it means pain.
  9. Passing the ball is one of the most basic skills in Football and it is the most important, Can you pass the ball decently?
  10. Will you foul a opposition player to stop him/her, even if it means being sent off, for the sake of your team?

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Quiz topic: Am I good at Football?