How much life experience do you have?

Many people want to know how much they have truly lived out the possibilities of their life. This quiz tells you the amount of experience you've well experienced...

If you ever wondered how much life has dished out to you, and how much you have truly experienced please take this quiz. You may find what you have been looking for all along.

Created by: rai
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  1. Have you ever lived through the death of an immediate family member?
  2. Have you lived through the death of a friend?
  3. Have you willingly chosen to participate in any sexual act with another person?
  4. Have you ever unwillingly participated in any sexual act- this includes sexual harrasment in any form-?
  5. Have you lived through a period in your life where money was extremely limited? Welfare, WIC, food pantry....
  6. Has any of your friends/family ever stabbed you in the back?
  7. Have you ever sustained a serious injury or illness? (may have required hospital care)
  8. Have you ever partied hard???
  9. Hae you ever been extremely depressed?
  10. Have you ever done anything strange and wild? -like- flown a plane bungee jumped sky dived and ect.

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Quiz topic: How much life experience do I have?