How great a football fan are you?

Football has been enthralling fans for well over a hundred years. Over the years there have been many changes. Those who are genuine football fans will be up-to-date with all of these.

But what about you? Are you a clued-up genuine football fan? Or are you a Pimms-drinking soft rugby supporter with no knowledge of the difference between a shed and a modern quality all-seater stadium? Well, here's your chance to find out! Take this quiz and discover if you are a genuine football fan!

Created by: Footie Fan of Facebook
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  1. Which of these is closest to what you believe:
  2. Which country was the birthplace of football?
  3. When I go to a match...
  4. When my team plays an away match in changed colours...
  5. Which of these is not a quality football ground:
  6. Which of these are your preferred kit colours:
  7. If you were to want to watch a quality game of football, to which of these grounds would you go:
  8. Which of these is your preferred style of football kit:
  9. Which of these is not a top quality football manager:
  10. Which of these is a quality English football team bursting with (mostly young) British talent:
  11. How many football grounds have you visited to watch a match?
  12. Which of these is not a top quality footballer:
  13. Which of these clubs has not moved football ground in the last 15 years:

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Quiz topic: How great a football fan am I?