How much do you know about Pompey?

From the numerous cup finals, to the relief of a win on a Saturday and promotions making our way up the league, the turmoil and financial misfortune, getting a hammering and then smashing the scum, take the quiz on all things Pompey...?

How much do you know about the greatest club on earth? The club packed with history and tradition, a real club, let's see if you've got what it takes and if you know your stuff when it comes to Portsmouth Football Club

Created by: Ollie
  1. What year were Pompey first in an FA Cup Final?
  2. How many goals did Guy Whittingham score in the all competitions during the 1992/1993 season?
  3. Which team did Pompey lose to at Wembley in the 1942 London War Cup Final?
  4. In 2009 Pompey's highest transfer fee received record was smashed when Lassana Diarra was sold for £18,000,000, but which club bought the Frenchman?
  5. In 2010 Steve Cotterill's Portsmouth went on tour in pre-season which went disastrously, but in which country was it?
  6. Which club were Pompey facing in the famous "Santa Claus" match
  7. What club was Alan Biley signed from in 1982?
  8. In what year was Milan Mandaric's takeover deal of Pompey completed?
  9. Pompey goalkeeper John Milkins once saved three penalties in a match in September 1973. The referee twice ordered a re-take and each times Milkins was equal to the task. Pompey lost the game 2-1. But who was it against?
  10. Pompey were the first Football League team to sub off a substitute in September 1987, but who was the unfortunate player?
  11. The 2003/2004 Arsenal invincible team failed to beat two teams that season by drawing both home and away, Pompey were one, who was the other club?
  12. Which Portsmouth legend who made 308 appearances scoring 129 times was nicknamed "Thunderboots"

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Pompey?