How well do you know me?

A lot of people know me, and I mean slot. But the true question is do you know me! You probably don't cause I'm too much to handle! Baby that's the truff

Do you know me? I don't know if you do or not so take the test and find out!!!!!! Stop reading and just take it! Now, stop reading and just take it relight now!

Created by: Countrygirlz

  1. What is my favorite color?
  2. What is my dream date?
  3. What's my real name?
  4. What's my middle name?
  5. How old am I?
  6. What color is my hair?
  7. How tall am I?
  8. What color is my truck?
  9. Who is my best friend?
  10. Last question! Do I like Dolly Parton

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?