What is your Disney theme song?

This is simply part one of my Disney theme song series. This is the heroes of 1 villains part one will be out before next month ( I hope) I hope you enjoy remember this quiz is gender neutral!

There are so many Disney songs , if you don't think any of the options suit you. The songs are secret but I'm pretty sure you can guess most of them;-;

Created by: Puppet master12
  1. How important is freedom to you? And what kind?
  2. What is your favoruite colour and why? Out of these of course.
  3. What is your favourite fruit out of these?
  4. What is your favoruite qoute out of the fve I'm about to give you?
  5. What's your Veiw on love?
  6. What do you think of fate?

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Quiz topic: What is my Disney theme song?