Disney:Guess The Theme Song!!

DESCRIPTION:Do you have what it takes to be a expert Disney Fan well... you will find out in this quiz! Remember answer each question without cheating! The last question I'm telling the TRUTH!

INSTRUCTIONS:Answer each question without cheating! There will be lyrics pick the show that the lyrics go to from the theme song. REMEMBER The last question I'm telling the truth!

Created by: Dakotah
  1. Guess Which Lyrics Go To Which Show: "I've been waitin' for a day like this to come"
  2. "Come inside, it's fun inside"
  3. "We're headed for the top, We got it on lock"
  4. "Is there a problem, Let's get a pizza!"
  5. "I'm under the spotlight"
  6. "So the annual problem of our generation"
  7. "Running on time"
  8. "I Ain't From Round Here"
  9. "Makin' the face that makes me laugh"
  10. "In My Own World"
  11. "It's so good to be in the place I belong"
  12. Are you happy the quiz is done

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