What is your One Direction theme song?

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Well, all you have to do is answer the questions and find out your 1d theme song. The songs are Live While We're Young, LittleThings, What Makes You Beautiful, and I want.

Sup my lovelies. You are about to take the quiz which is my 2nd one. These songs feature Live While We're Young, Little Things, What Makes You Beautiful and I w Want. Enjoy :)

Created by: Jessica Griffith
  1. What describes yourself?
  2. Just wondering.....what song do you want?
  3. What do you believe in?
  4. Hi, welcome to this quiz!
  5. Who's your favorite?
  6. Now, I don't have any more questions so it's pretty much roleplay from here. Okay?
  7. Harry: hey y/n, how are you?
  8. Niall: hey beautiful
  9. Liam: what's your favorite song, except Little Things, WMYB, LWWY, or I Want?
  10. Freebies!
  11. Bye, my little potatoes

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Quiz topic: What is my One Direction theme song?