Cartoon Theme Song Test!

Come, test your knowledge of cartoon theme songs, you know you want to! So come on, try it out! See if you know your cartoons like you think you do! Come on in!

Starting with Disney, and working down to Nick, then Cartoon Network, and a couple questions over DC and Marvel comics! That's right, we got everybody covered here!

Created by: MySake

  1. (Disney shows follow) OLD: [character's name] here, I'm on it!
  2. OLD: I'm living for the weekends...
  3. OLD: *action* a character blows a big bubble, which pops, and blinds him, causing him to push over a cart of dodge balls.
  4. OLD: Who's that girl? What's her name? Is she cool? Is she lame?
  5. OLD: *action* main character, on a white background, drawing with a pencil
  6. NEW: He's cool, he's hot, like the frozen sun, he's young, he's fast, he's the chosen one,
  7. NEW: Building a rocket, or fighting a mummy or climbing up the Eiffel tower!
  8. NEW: Whenever you need me, baby, call me...
  9. NEW: Aloha e komo mai
  10. NEW: In a world of chaos and disarray, it's brother and sister who save the day...
  11. (Nick shows now) OLD: the only words are the title of the show
  12. OLD:*action* ends in the camera getting quirted by milk, from a bottle.
  13. OLD: We are riders, on a mission,
  14. OLD: *action* the main character is on a white background, manipulating a black line to his advantage.
  15. OLD: Okay, so we're not that average, but between you and me, something amazing happened!
  16. NEW: There was a great big flash! Everything just changed, his molecules got all rearranged!
  17. NEW: The four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changed when the fire nation attacked...
  18. NEW: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  19. NEW: Still go to school, to get an education, and treat everyday like a mini-vacation!
  20. NEW: A super-powered mind, a mechanical canine...
  21. (Cartoon Network) *action* a count down from 5 to 1
  22. It stuck upon his wrist with secrets that it hid, now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid,
  23. (ending theme) Fighting crime, trying to save the world Here they come just in time,
  24. *action* white background, a black line draws a house, which becomes real...
  25. Make way to start a revolution! Make way we're gonna have fun tonight!
  26. (Other, DC, Marvel, etc.) *Action* starts focused on the moon, in a red sky, lowers to the city, where a symbol is shone onto a building.
  27. He's a man on a mission, with high tech ammunition!

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