Guess that theme song!

This is a quiz of if you know tv show theme songs/songs. Bonus! Songs too!! Tv shows: Disney Channel shows. Songs: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Lady Ga-Ga, And Selena Gomez.

DO YOU know these tv show theme songs/songs!? DO YOU? Do you, DO YOU, DOYOU, sorry, idk what else to say. Have fun! bbbbbyyyyyee! actualy not bye yet. thanks for taking the quiz!

Created by: richcloud05

  1. "Hang in there baby,"
  2. "Come along with me,"
  3. "Everybody's got the things,"
  4. "It feels like a party everyday,"
  5. Okay, now, guess the person who is singing that song!
  6. "I wouldn't want to be anybody else,"
  7. "I'm more than just, your average girl,"
  8. "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag,"
  9. "When we fell in love you made my heart drop,"
  10. "Ra, Ra,Ra Ha Ha!"

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