Guess the tv show theme song

please take this quiz because it will really let me know a bit about people so please tell me it would mean allot thank you guys and this way you will be able to see the results of what other people think

Please take this quiz and tell your friends about this quiz becaause it would really mean allot to me thank you and hope you enjoy it becuase it took me forever lol

Created by: chloe

  1. "I'd like to spend one day with you and if that day is not enough"
  2. "you get the limo ride front hottest styles every shoe every colour"
  3. "so far so great get with it atleast thats how i see it having a dream is just the beginning"
  4. "If you wanna play come and play today lets just get away
  5. "Everything is not what it seems when you can get what you wanted and your wildest dreams"
  6. "im no ordinary girl im from the deep blue underworld"
  7. "Lucky theres a man who possitivly can do all the things that make us laugh and cry
  8. "i was sittin at home watching tv all alone so tierd of routines the day goes on and on"
  9. "discos rockin rockin the whole world round"
  10. "i love the way i can see the world out here"

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