your theme song

what is your theme song?? are you emo happy crazy or a psycho? all these cliff-hangars and more on this episode of um oh yea... X( so any ways please take my test!!!!!!!!!

are you a psychopath if you deny it but really are and get frustrated because of the results and smash the computer i do not own a law firm. i am not responsible.

Created by: matt
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where are you during an eclipse
  2. who is more iconic
  3. are you good with persons of the opposite gender
  4. do you fold or wad your toilet paper
  5. When do you plan to get your shot
  6. You see a kitten with one leg missing you:
  7. coke or pepsi
  8. Do you like this quiz?
  9. have u had chicken pox?
  10. how do you sleep?
  11. do you consider this a short quiz

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Quiz topic: My theme song