Are You Too OLD for Theme Parks?

Do you still get excited when you see roller coasters? Do you find yourself not being able to sleep the night before going to a Theme Park, or have you put those days behind you?

This quiz will give you a hint on where you stand when it comes to Theme Parks and Thrill rides, are you Bold or Old? Take the quiz and find out for yourself...

Created by: Tommy of Live journal
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  1. Do they give you the senior citizen discount without checking your ID?
  2. Do you detest your hair and clothes getting wet?
  3. Would you like the rides better if they ran them in slow motion?
  4. Would you rather go to a restaurant for a meal than eat corn dogs on an umbrella table?
  5. Do you think there should be a law against the prices they charge for soft drinks and plan to write your congressman about it?
  6. Do you get nervous when there are no adults in line except you?
  7. Do your eyes get crossed from watching the roller coasters?
  8. Do you stop at all the restrooms because you don't know if you will find the next one soon enough?
  9. Do you go inside gift shops and look around just because they are air-conditioned?
  10. Do you complain because customer service does not have blood pressure machines?
  11. Do you end up walking around in circles all day because you can't figure out the map?
  12. Do you take Coke cans to the park to get a discount?
  13. Do you spend most of the day planning how you will get even with the person that talked you into coming here?
  14. Have you ever ridden the tram around the parking lot three times because you couldn't remember where you left the car?

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Quiz topic: Am I Too OLD for Theme Parks?