Are You a True Floridian?

Florida...the sunshine state. Thousands of people from all over the country...even the world...come to this beautiful state each year to lay out on its beaches and visit all the many theme parks and attractions Florida has to offer.

Do you think you are a true Floridian? Test your knowledge and see just how Floridian you actually are! This test is not easy. Some of the questions can definitely only be answered by a true Floridian.

Created by: Annie
  1. Which city is Disney World located?
  2. St. Augustine is the oldest city in America. Who discovered it?
  3. Florida's "Emerald Coast" is renowned for their beautiful beaches. Which city is located on the Emerald Coast?
  4. The Kennedy Space Center is located in which town?
  5. What is the southernmost point in Florida?
  6. Which football team is located in Tallahassee?
  7. The largest freshwater spring in the world is located in Florida. What is its name?
  8. Which of the following theme parks is not located in Orlando?
  9. Which of the following cities/towns is located on the "panhandle"?
  10. Which of the following cities is the largest city in Florida?
  11. Which of these Florida towns is famous for their seashells?
  12. Gatorade was invented at which Florida university?
  13. When Ponce de Leon discovered Florida, what was he looking for?
  14. Who was the governor of Florida in 2007?
  15. Which of the following is not located in St. Augustine?
  16. Do you live in Florida?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Floridian?