How Floridian Are You?

This Quiz Is To See How Much Of A Floridian You Are! Were You Born And Raised Here? Or Did You Move Here Later In Life? Want To See How Much Florida Has A Affected You?

Have You ever wanted to know how Floridian you are? Even If you have lived here for ever or just moved here, Take This Quick 20 Question Survey To Find Out!

Created by: Nykki
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  1. Ok So It's Christmas Day Do You Want To Go Swimming?
  2. How Many PINK Flamingos Do you have in your yard?
  3. When You Refer To A Group Of People Do You Call Them "YALL?"
  4. Do you refer to a group of people as "uz/you's?"
  5. Do you LOVE New York style pizza?
  6. Have You Ever Met Someone with the name or nick name "Bubba?"
  7. Do you LOVE the Beach?
  8. Have you ever said or heard the following at a B. B. Q., "Yall Want Some Tater Salad?"
  9. Would You Or Have you ever lived in a Trailer/Mobile Home Park?
  10. Do You Or Does Someone In Your Family Drive A Ford Or Chevy Pick Up Truck?
  11. "You Ever Be Asked To Go "Out Yonder?"
  12. Have you ever been to "Whiskey Stump" before?
  13. You Ever Heard Of A Place Called The "Beer Shed?"
  14. Do you try to wear Flip Flop's Year round?
  15. Do You Or Someone In Your Family Have One Of The Following Name's:"Lynn, Lee, Frank, Chase, Shelly, tammy, Wayne, Jacob?"
  16. Do You Think The Rebel Flag Should Be Banned From Any And All Public Display?
  17. Are You Or Any Of Your Family Member's Named After A State, City Or County In The USA?
  18. What Do You Or Did You Call Your Parent's?

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Quiz topic: How Floridian am I?