How Florida Are You???

This Quiz Is To See If You Know Some Main Things About The Sunshine State. I Figured I'd Create This After Not Seeing Another Florida Quiz. Since I Was Born And Raised Here In Florida I Thought I'd Test Other People.

Do YOU Know The Answers??? Well Then Step Right Up And Take This Quiz! They Aren't That Hard But If Ya Need To Google Then I Think I Should Tell You You're Not Much Of A Floridian. Peace Out, ~*~Molly~*~

Created by: Molly
  1. What's The State Capital?
  2. Where Is The Main Campus Of Florida State University Located?
  3. Do People From The North Say You Have A Southern Accent??...And People From The South Say You Have A Northern Accent??
  4. Where Is FAU's Main Campus Located??
  5. Why Aren't You Supposed To Walk On The Beach At Night??
  6. Do You Know What "Stick-Tights" Are??
  7. What's A "Snowbird"??
  8. What Are The Three MAIN College Football Teams To Come Out Of Florida?
  9. What Is The Lake That Is Considered The Eye Of The State?? (The Big Blue Thing In The Middle Seen On The Map)
  10. What's The Time Between May And November Known As??

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Quiz topic: How Florida am I???